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Project Description

Many newbie developers will put question: "How to get project standardization and optimization?!". Certainly, there are many ways to solve this problem if asks master Google, but you must get best one in many results; it take you all day. So, I have researched, read many techno. books (design pattern, C# head first,...), to help you get this.

It's a special architect (written base on C# and built with Entity Framework) be used to build programs as web-app (ASP.NET WebForms and ASP.NET MVC), windows-app; help your project become standardization. It provides the standard platform, including core systems, data flows and other utilities,... ready to serve a normal web-app (support Sqlserver, sqlce).

Get Aaron Core by Nuget with command:

Install-Package Aaron.MVC

Aaron Features

  • Database Utilities as creating/drop a database based on domain models, etc...
  • Caching Management: cache any objects to server.
  • Infrastructure of System: using Ninject libraries to pooled any objects into a container singleton, etc...
  • Security Support by authentication and EDO (Encryption n Decryption Objects) technology.
  • System Configuration Support a web-app/windows-app at runtime.
  • Multi-threading Support a developer can create and add any threads at runtime.
  • WebHelper Support.
  • PagedList Extensions
  • SEO Entity to rates with google ^^.
  • Standardize Some Tables and Methods as Accounts, Localization, etc...
  • Message Support as email sender.
  • Other Utilities.

How To Use

Visit documentation page to see more details,


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